Weddings are wonderful celebrations of God’s great love for us shown in the love and commitment of the bride and groom as they make vows and exchange rings. Wedding traditions and customs span cultures, languages, and even time. Many engaged couples and their families often have expectations and ideas about the celebration before they come to the Church. While the reception and other wedding events can be primarily focused on personal expression, at Ascension, we believe the church service is most about the groundedness of a particular couple’s relationship in the universal love of God in Christ. 

The Ascension clergy team’s greatest priority in working with engaged couples is to build a solid spiritual and relational foundation for marriage. We also strive to celebrate weddings in a way that best enables God to touch the lives of everyone present and that creates a joyful celebration of God’s love as manifested in faithful marriage.

In this spirit, we look forward to working with couples who want to get married at Ascension. You download a complete overview about weddings at Ascension here. To inquire about weddings, please contact the parish office at 303-388-5978.