We currently offer a wide variety of opportunities for children at Ascension. During the school year, Ascension offers a traditional Sunday school format featuring the Godly Play curriculum, while the summer provides a time for kids to have fun and explore in more creative ways. 

NURSERY (offered at both Sunday services) Age 3 and under:

While children and infants are always welcome to be in church with their families, we offer a safe and friendly environment for infants and small children in our nursery. Trained attendants,Caitlyn and Darcie, provide warm and gentle care for your little ones while you worship.

SUNDAY SCHOOL: Ages 3 - 12

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Our Sunday school hour occurs during the beginning of the service,  (the Liturgy of the Word) at 10 a.m.  Children engage in dynamic Godly Play lessons. Our Godly Play room  provides a safe and sacred space where children delve into the  mysteries of the faith through story, liturgy, creativity, and imagination. Both older and younger children hear the story and then further explore the lessons via their choice of special projects, art, storytelling, reading, or music. Children come directly upstairs at the beginning of the 10 a.m. service (ask  an usher, or look for the Sunday school helper to guide you). Our Sunday school adjourns in time for children to return to take Communion with their families.


Delightful outdoor celebrations of God, amid fun and fellowship! (Summer Sunday school is similar to Vacation Bible School - but Sundays only!)  We meet at the corner of Williams St. and 7th Ave. at Little Cheeseman Park. There is a summer theme and our lesson is followed by a game (frequently water based!) or project. Themes have included “Destination Holy Land”, “Water, water, everywhere” and “Our Father”. 



In recognition of the high value we place on our children’s participation and presence in worship, the 10:00 a.m. service on the first Sunday of each month is offered for children and families. Children and teens along with their families, participate as acolytes, chalice ministers, ushers, greeters, lectors and intercessors. Children are invited to come to the front of the church and participate in an interactive sermon with  Sue Richardson, our Youth and Children's coordinator. (They occasionally stay up on the chancel to get a “close up” view, as the bread and wine are prepared for our communion.) Some past children’s sermons have included singing, used American Sign Language, explored parables and discussed the colors of the church year, all wrapped into the week’s Gospel lesson.

Please contact our Youth and Children's Director, Sue Richardson, at for more information about the Ascension children’s ministry.