BAPTISMS and funerals at ascension



Scheduled 2019 dates for Holy Baptism at Ascension include January 14 (Baptism of Jesus), April 21 at 8 a.m. (Easter Day), June 9 (Day of Pentecost), and November 3 (All Saints' Sunday). If you are interested in having your child (or yourself!) baptized or would like more information about baptism at Ascension, please contact Weezie Blanchard at or the parish office at 303-388-5978 or  


The Church of the Ascension counts it a great privilege and responsibility to walk with family and friends at the time of a death. We desire that the Church’s ministry will be a source of hope and a bond of love to support bereaved families. The Episcopal Church’s liturgy is solemn and hopeful, and it grounds particular grief in the universal love of God in Christ. Our guidelines are published in a document available by contacting the office and will assist families as they make arrangements for a funeral service.