May 5, 2019: The Third Sunday of Easter

Happening This Sunday: May 5, 2019

8 a.m.  Holy Eucharist Rite Two
9 a.m. Godly Play Sunday School
10 a.m. Family Worship and Holy Eucharist Rite Two     
11:15 a.m. Coffee Hour         
The Nursery is available from 7:45 to 11:15 a.m.

Sunday School This Sunday May 5 at 9 a.m.

Beginning this Sunday, May 5, Sunday school will take place at 9 a.m. on Family Worship Sundays (first Sundays of the month unless otherwise announced) as we transition to 9 a.m. Sunday School and Adult Education in September. If you have any questions, please contact Rector Weezie Blanchard at or Coordinator of Children's Ministries Sue Richardson at

Family Worship This Sunday May 5 at the 10 a.m. Service

Family Worship takes place on the first Sunday of each month (unless otherwise announced). It is one way that we can highlight the importance of children and their families in our regular worship. On Family Worship Sundays in particular, we invite children and youth to participate as greeters and ushers, acolytes, lectors, and intercessors and otherwise involve children and their families in our service. Of course, children are always welcome at all of our services, and we welcome suggestions about how to make them feel more at home as they learn the traditions of our Episcopal worship. If you have any questions, please contact Rector Weezie Blanchard at or Coordinator of Children's Ministries Sue Richardson at

Celebrate the Great 50 Days of Easter at Ascension

  • Easter Book Study resumes next Sunday: May 12 Join Weezie Blanchard on Sundays, May 12, 19, and 26 at 9 a.m. in the Library for a discussion of the Kate Moorehead's Resurrecting Easter, meditations on the 50 days of Easter. Copies of the book are available on and other on-line booksellers.

  • Ascension Sunday at Ascension. This year, we will celebrate both the Ascension of Jesus and the Church of the Ascension with a special 9 a.m. service on June 2. We will have a potluck coffee hour for all ages. Look for more details to come.

  • Help read the Gospel in many languages on Pentecost. Pentecost, June 9 - the final day of the Great 50 Days of Easter - celebrates the descending of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and other followers of Jesus. Suddenly, all of them were able to proclaim the good news in the languages of all whom they encountered. We will commemorate this miracle by reading the Gospel in different languages. If you speak another language and would like to participate please contact Weezie Blanchard at

Women's Homelessness Initiative Suppers: May 26

Through our participation in the Women's Homelessness Initiative, Church of the Ascension provides a meal to homeless women and children on the fourth Sunday of every month. The next one will take place May 26. 

  • We are forming a core group of volunteers who will help serve the WHI meals on fourth Sundays. If you would like to help, please contact Jan Douglas at 404-290-9843 or come to

  • Women's Homelessness Initiative, a ministry of CHUM (Capitol Hill United Ministries) is a consortium of over 50 congregations, agencies, and groups, and over 750 volunteers who provide dignity, care, compassion, respect, and presence homeless women and children in the Denver area. For more information, go to

Altar Flowers:  A Way to Celebrate and Remember 

Altar flowers are back after a flowerless Lent, when our worship reflects that somber season of reflection. Altar flowers are a wonderful way to remember loved ones who have died or celebrate anniversaries, baptisms, birthdays, graduations, and other milestones. If you would like to contribute altar flowers, please contact Parish Administrator Celeste DeLeon at or 303-388-5978.

Join the Haiti Mission Trip 

If you are interested in joining Weezie Blanchard and other members of Ascension on a Colorado Haiti Project mission trip to Petit Trou de Nippes, Haiti from September 9-14, please contact Weezie at or Chris Nazar at Ascension has long partnered with Colorado Haiti Project in supporting community-driven programs in education, community health, water and hygiene, girls' and women's empowerment, and agriculture, especially St. Paul's School, an Episcopal school in Petit Trou.