Fr. Garry and Carol's Last Sunday at Ascension

As you may know, Fr. Garry Horle will celebrate his last mass with us on September 17. He has stepped up to be our Acting Rector in Fr. Lucas' absence, and he has led us with love and respect and honesty and dedication to God, to our parish and to each of us as individuals.


He and his wife Carol joined our congregation as members  - and they became an integral part of our life at Ascension -   Fr. Garry became a regular presence on our altar with Fr. Lucas - and Carol played (sang?) a major role with our choir !!

Although no celebration could be enough to express our appreciation to Fr. Garry and Carol as they leave Ascension -- we would like to try!   

I'm asking everyone to send or hand deliver a card to the church... (you can hand deliver on the 17th!!)  and join us!   We will present the cards and our best wishes to Fr. Garry and Carol after the 10:00 service on the 17th of September!! (if you are mailing, please have them send to arrive by then!!)  We'd like to flood them with wishes, prayers and kind thoughts as they move onto the next thing God has in store for them! 

Join us for "VAYA CON DIOS"  Fr. Garry and Carol  after the 10:00 service on September 17th.

Ps I believe Vestry is supplying coffee hour treats!