News From Ascension

Sunday's Gospel lesson relates the story of Peter trying to walk on the water.  This is a perfect example of a Bible passage which is meant to be meditated on, not emulated.  Far too often we don't look beyond the words as written to the deeper meaning they contain.  The result of this is too often think, "Gee what a nice story, but that could never really happen in real life." To fall into this trap is to miss the richness, beauty, and varied meanings of Scripture.  What can be worse is to miss the point all together or dismiss the whole thing as another impossible miracle.  Dismissing the miracle stories as scientifically impossible is another grave error that will have to be dealt with another time.  It is sufficient in this note to remind you to read with an open heart and an open mind to the depths of Scripture.  Such immersion will lead you to new and wonderful places and you will not get wet as you will by trying to walk on water.