A Message From Fr. Garry and the Vestry

Follow-Up to the Parish Meeting:


It is my and the vestry's desire to provide you with some highlights from the recent parish meeting, specifically regarding Lucas' status and the status of the discernment process for his possible return.


Lucas' Recovery:


* Lucas is proceeding well in his recovery


* He completed his treatment program in Estes Park


* He has been staying at a monastery very close to Santa Fe


* This location has allowed him to be fully engaged in the AA community there, attending meetings daily


* He has also found strong support with the brothers in the community


* Lucas was initially planning to go to a second monastery; however, he chose to stay with the Santa Fe group to due the access to recovery and the support of the community


* Canon Ruth reports that Lucas has been checking in regularly and is keeping all of his appointments


* Her observations are that Lucas is fully engaging his recovery



The Discernment Process for Lucas' Possible Return:


* Regarding Lucas' future, ultimately it is a discerned and prayerful decision by the Bishop in full consultation with the vestry and Lucas himself


* Throughout this process the Bishop and Canon are looking at the many variables in play


* Lucas has expressed his desire to return to Ascension and resume his position as our Rector


* At this time, no definitive decision has been made regarding Lucas; the discernment process is still in play


* Lucas will be returning to the rectory the first week of September


* By that time the Canon will have met with the vestryregarding its recommendations which will, in part, be informed by feedback from parishioners


* The Bishop and Canon will then consult with the Senior Warden to gain the vestry's recommendations for going forward


* They will then meet with Lucas to assess his frame of mind, fitness for duty, and intentions


* If Lucas returns to the parish, it will not be "business-as-usual"; he will be under the supervision of a mentor with a set of specific expectations (from the Bishop) for a determined period of time to assess his progress and his overall success, as well as how the parish is receiving him


* Fr. Garry will be leaving his interim position in mid-September


* If by mid-September it is still not clear what will happen with Lucas, the Bishop's office recommends a supply priest until the time that final decisions are made



As noted previously, if you would like to make any comments regarding your thoughts, hopes, and concerns at this time please contact either me at HORLE@msn.com, Laura Osborne at LOsborne@s-d.com, Nancy Yeaman at njyeaman@msn.com or Phillip Weiss at phillipweiss@me.com. 


We welcome your thinking and ask for your continued prayers for Lucas, Merideth, and the parish.    


Fr. Garry Horle+




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