Trinity Sunday

Here we are on the brink of the celebration of that great Christian mystery, The Trinity. On Sunday we will give thanks To Father, Son and Holy Ghost or if you prefer Creator, Redeemer. Sustainer. By whatever names you use it remains the pervasive mystery of our faith.  How to explain One Holy God in three persons each fully God and fully and wholly one not three? Our words are inadequate and the Greek words of the original formulations meaningless to us. Yet this non-biblical word expresses a deep understanding and revelation which came to the early church as an expression of their experience of God.  And it is the same with us.  On a head level it makes very little sense, on our deepest feeling level it explains part of the mystery of God.  Mystery it is and mystery it shall be, we need only to enter into it to discover its power, its glory and its comfort.


This Sunday marks a change of seasons for the church and with that change our liturgy will also undergo a small change.  We will be moving to Eucharistic Prayer B for the summer. It is fully reprinted in the bulletin so check it as we go along.  Many blessings and see you in Church.