Fathers' Day and Summertime Happenings

Green is the color of God's creation this time of year and it is into the green season we go. It is also the time when many of us re-create by recreating.  I encourage you to take advantage of our beautiful state and city. Visit a park for a picnic, camp and hike, be outside walking or biking. Take advantage of the beauty that surrounds us and rest and relax as needed.  But don't forget your Church and the worship that Glorifies God and fills your soul.


Carol and I will be leaving Monday for Bishops Ranch, a property of the Diocese of San Francisco in Healdsburg California. This for a week of Benedictine meditation, study and worship.  We will be observing the rule of silence for much of the day and all evening and night.  We have three sung and two spoken services a day with a daily Eucharist in both the Episcopal and Roman tradition. It is our experience that it is a wonderful, refreshing, recharging time and beside the food is excellent. The Church of the Ascension, its people, its staff, and its Rector will be in our daily prayers. I will be back in the office the 29th.  We have limited cell phone and wireless time and reception is spotty at best. Please call Celeste if the need arises.