This Sunday marks the final Sunday of the season of Epiphany.  And on this Sunday we encounter the Gospel of the Transfiguration of Jesus as told by St. Matthew the Evangelist (17:1-9).  Of all the miracle stories throughout the Gospels, this is by far my most cherished.  It expresses to us the wild and radiant beauty of God, our connection to our Jewish brothers and sisters, an experience of creation as found on a mountaintop (as a hiker, this is especially near to me), and the awe of the faithful.  And, like any miracle story, there is so much more to be learned and discovered, if only we give it our attention, and our prayer.  I have carried this story with me my entire life of faith.  To mark the end of Epiphany, and as we celebrate the Transfiguration, I composed a poem and I offer it to you in thanksgiving for the lives of faith we lead together.  Blessings on your weekend. 


Of Transfiguration

by Fr. Lucas Grubbs


To be transfigured is

to be forever changed

in countenance, in strength, in voice.

I see you anew as I never saw you


the day you were transfigured.

But every day brings transfiguration

though not so dramatic perhaps as the day

Jesus ascended that mount

with Peter, James, and

gentle John in tow.

On that day the Lord of Light had one thing in mind

to show the world the meaning of


Though they are dazzled, it is commonplace.

Though they wish to stay un-transfigured and static,

they descend back to transfiguration.

Precisely where we need to be.  Where we are called.

Transfiguration is daily.  It is the work of the faithful.

Wanted, unwanted, resisted, or embraced

we are transfigured. We are being transfigured.

Can you sense it?  Can you share it?