Notice to the Parish: Bright Star Early Learning Center

Change is a constant in the life of every parish community. Discernment of who we are as a community of faith keeps the body strong, and the mission viable.


Under my leadership, and with the unanimous consent of the Vestry of Church of the Ascension, Bright Star Early Learning Center will vacate our building, effective July 16, 2017.


Many months of prayer and deliberation have gone into this decision. Bright Star no longer serves the mission of our parish, and the financial burden to the parish is no longer sustainable. My sole charge as Rector of Church of the Ascension is to the well being of the life of the parish; spiritually, financially, and to the ongoing mission of our parish community.


Leadership demands difficult decisions, and this decision was not taken lightly. Please know that I am available to speak personally with you in order to answer questions you may have. You may also speak with George Caulkins, Sr. Warden, or Jim Kahler, Jr. Warden. Please respond to this e-mail directly, or phone the parish office at 303-388-5978. I will also address this decision publicly at our annual parish meeting, Sunday, February 12th, following the 10am Mass.


In the coming weeks and months, we will have the opportunity to imagine anew who we are as a parish and how we move forward. The promise is great, and the opportunity is amazing. We have been gifted with a wealth of space in our building and physical plant. I look forward to imagining and discovering what comes next in the life of our parish.


Yours faithfully in Christ,


Fr. Lucas Grubbs, Rector