Update from the Grubbs Family

Greetings dear Church of the Ascension family.  Meredith and I wanted to give the parish an update on the status of Meredith's recent heart surgery and current healing.

Meredith's surgery to replace a valve and to repair an aortic aneurysm took place on Monday, April 11th, at St. Joe's Hospital.  She was surrounded by close family and friends, and an amazing team of medical caregivers.  We are thrilled and thankful to say that the surgery was a complete success.

Meredith was in the hospital for four days, healing remarkably well.  She was discharged home on Friday, April 15, and she continues to rest and to heal.

We are both so humbled and grateful for the countless offers for help and prayer that we have received from the entire parish.  The love and support from this our parish family has been amazing, and a true sign of the character of this community.  We have been buoyed by your constant prayers and presence and we are beyond thankful.

For my part, I am (mostly) back in the parish office handling the daily routines and rhythms of parish life.  I will be checking in often with Meredith at home and assisting her as needed in this several weeks long healing process.

Again, we are grateful beyond words to the entire parish of Ascension.  We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Yours ever in Christ,

Fr. Lucas and Meredith Grubbs