Prayer Changes Things

   This Lent, let's pray.  Sue Richardson has a great way to do it.




Saturday Feb 20 at 10:00 Sue Richardson will meet with some of the youth from the parish to discuss and create a prayer wall in the parish hall. Everyone is invited to come and participate! 


We often see quotes on Facebook or other media. Little snippets of "wisdom" about various things in life. One I see frequently is: "Prayer changes things". We, as Christians know this is true! Prayer changes things, situations, communities, and yes, churches. Here at Ascension we hold Morning Prayer each weekday at 8:00 am, because we believe it is important to pray for the church and the community here. We know that God answers prayers. Prayer changes things, and prayer changes people - not just the people you pray for... but it also changes you!

The prayer wall is meant to encourage individuals to offer prayer requests (anonymously) and place them on the wall. These may be prayers of PRAISE, or THANKSGIVING. Prayers of SORROW or REPENTANCE, or of INTERCESSION for a person or cause.   People may take a prayer request that someone else has put on the wall, and pray for that intention, person or group. You may take the request, and go into the church or chapel and sit quietly and pray.   

You might take the request home with you, and add it to your prayers each day. You might tape it to your bathroom mirror and pray while you brush your teeth! However you choose, you will be praying for the intentions of someone in our parish family. That's what counts!!

Come and help - or wait and see !