A Message From The Grubbs Family

Christ is risen! The Lord is risen, indeed!!! A blessed and holy Easter to you and yours.


I'd like to give an update to the parish family about what is happening over at the rectory and with the Grubbs family. My wife, Meredith, is scheduled to have open-heart surgery on Monday, April 11th. This is a two-part surgery: A valve replacement and an aortic aneurysm repair. We expect Meredith to be in hospital for a week following the surgery. She will then be recovering and healing for 8 to 12 weeks.


I will be present for the surgery and the recovery in the hospital. When she returns home, I will be assisting in her recovery. I might miss a Sunday or two, but we have good clerical and pastoral coverage with Fr. Garry Horle. Bishop Rob O'Niel has offered clerical coverage for the parish as well.


We are immensely blessed to be a part of this parish family. We know that many have been though surgeries such at this, and that we are not alone. Please hold us in prayer as we hold you in ours.


We are so grateful for our parish family of Church of the Ascension.


With love in Christ,


Fr. Lucas Grubbs