Pledge and Stewardship Update for 2017 at Ascension

Greetings, blessings, and peace to one and all during this new season of Advent!  


As we now enter the final month of the calendar year 2016, on behalf of the Ascension Vestry, I'd like to give everyone an update as to where we are in the financial numbers for our 2017 stewardship campaign for the Ascension operating budget.


  • As of November 29th, we have received 75 pledges, for a total of $235,965 pledged.


For reference, the final pledge amount for 2016 was 88 pledges received, for a total of $284,180.  Ideally, we hope to break the $300,000 mark for a truly strong budget.


Of course, we still have a month to go, and as is often the case, pledges from parishioners continue to come in during the month of December.  There is also the potential for new pledges to come in from first time pledgers.


Some really exciting news for the financial health of the parish is that the vast majority of pledges that have already come in from regular pledging households have been notably increased in their dollar amount.  But for the time being, we are still missing roughly 15% of actual pledges returned.  Within the month of December, members of the Vestry and I will engage in the good work of forming the Ascension budget for 2017.  Having in hand our final count of pledges for the coming year makes this task that much more reliable.


Here are a few things to consider for the financial well being of our parish in the coming year:


1.     If you have not yet made a financial pledge to Ascension for 2017 but are planning to do so, please prayerfully consider what you are able to pledge, and let the parish office know.  You can pick up a pledge card in church, we will happily mail you a pledge card to your home (simply respond to this e-mail should you wish the parish office to do so), and you can pledge online by clicking here.


2.     To the extent that you are able, please consider fulfilling your 2016 pledge to Ascension before the years end.  The parish office recently mailed out third quarter financial statements, which have your giving record current through September.  If you need another copy, do not hesitate to ask by responding to this e-mail or by calling the parish office at 303-388-5978


3.     Please consider Church of the Ascension in your year-end giving.  In addition to a pledged dollar amount, the Ascension operating budget relies partly on money that comes to us in the form of gifts-plate offerings of cash, year-end giving, etc.


In so many ways, this has been the strongest year at our parish since I arrived in 2012.  Our ministries of music, outreach, youth and children's formation, adult education and spiritual formation, and neighborhood and community presence have been, and are truly vibrant.  We have every reason to believe and hope that the ministry of the Gospel here at Ascension wil

l continue in strength in the coming years.  Here is a copy of my stewardship letter that went out earlier in the fall.


Please know of my gratitude, the gratitude of the Ascension staff, and the gratitude of the Ascension Vestry for all contributions great and small to the life of this parish.  Each one matters vitally to the good work of the Gospel here in this place and in the world beyond.


Blessings on your Advent as we look forward to the glorious coming of Jesus at Christmas.


Faithfully yours,

Fr. Lucas Grubbs+