Membership and Belonging

Ascension has prospective new members and visitors every Sunday. We encourage anyone looking for a church home to come and be a part of our Sunday morning worship and programs. This is the best way to experience whether or not Ascension is a place God might be leading someone to become a member.

People who are ready to join simply need to contact the church office to be put in our database. If one is a member of another Episcopal church, a letter of transfer will be requested from that church.

People interested in joining who have never been baptized will want to discuss with the Rector the process for baptism.

Though not required for membership, Ascension encourages all adults to participate in a year-long course in the basics of Christian faith and Episcopal tradition leading to confirmation by the Bishop in the Spring of each year.

Of course, membership in a church is about more than belonging; it’s about being a part of a community where each person takes on responsibility and shares in the service and ministry of the community. The staff are always ready to discuss ways to serve the church and the world through Ascension’s various ministries and programs.