Welcome to Ascension

We are a 114 year-old Episcopal parish located in the Cheesman Park neighborhood two miles from downtown Denver. Whether you are a Denver native or you have just moved to the neighborhood, a committed Christian or someone inquiring about the faith for the first time, we hope that you will feel at home at Ascension. In the midst of an often fast-paced, uprooted, and secular world, you will find peace and beauty in our traditional worship and a joyful sense of family in our close fellowship.

Here is some more information about who we are:

  • We worship in a broad Episcopal style, grounded in the centrality of the Gospel message and historic liturgical and musical traditions. Our recent parish survey revealed that as a community, most of us value strong preaching and a close personal relationship with our clergy.

  • Families play a major part in church life, and more than a quarter of us have children who regularly attend Sunday School and other youth programs.

  • Our community is intergenerational with parishioners in virtually every stage of life, including young adults, families, and seniors.

  • Many of our members live in the neighborhood or within a few miles of Ascension. We are truly a neighborhood parish. In a big city, Ascension often feels like a small-town congregation where you want to mingle long after the service to catch up with friends and neighbors. We celebrate life’s milestones with each other—whether a baptism of a new baby or high school graduation—and provide comfort and support when times are difficult.

  • Almost half of us have joined Ascension within the last five years. So we are a vibrant mix of long-time parishioners and newer members.

Come join us and experience the joy of a community of faith seeking to follow Christ in today’s world.